• >> 1 ball of Schachenmayr Nordica in black (substitute: Just about any furry stuff will do)
  • >> 1 ball of Muench Touch Me in hot pink (chenille)
  • >> 1 set of 4mm (6 US) double pointed needles
Finished Measurements: 8" around x 6.5" tall

Gauge: 16 sts = 4”/10cm

  • >Using Fur yarn, cast on 32 stitches. Divide stitches onto 3 needles as follows - 16st (1st needle), 8st (2nd needle), 8st (3rd needle) - so that little 'spaces' that sometimes plague DPN use will be on the side seams of sweater and the 16 sts on 1st needles will make the sweater front.
  • >>Purl 9 rounds
  • >>Change to chenille yarn
  • >>Knit for 2”
  • >>Next Row: Turn work and begin working FLAT (needle 2 and 3), back and forth over the next 16 stitches in st st to make the back of the sweater. (The 16 stitches on 1st needle can be placed on a stitch holder or simply left on the needle for later)
  • >>Work 1” rows in st st
  • >>Cast off these worked sts loosely
  • >>Re-attach yarn to 16 remaining sts and knit FLAT, back and forth in st st to make the front of sweater
  • >>Work 1” in st st
  • >>Cast off all remaining sts loosely

(make 2)

  • Using Fur, cast on 15 sts
  • >>Purl 6 rounds
  • >>Change to chenille
  • >>Knit for 1.5”
  • >>Turn and work FLAT, back and forth in st st, decreasing 1 st at the beginning of every row to create sleeve shaping
  • >>When you have only 6 sts left, bind off all sts


  • >>Sew shoulder seam using 3 outside stitches, leaving neck hole in the center
  • >>Using Fur yarn, pick up approximately 24 stitches evenly around neckline
  • >>Purl 4 rows, then bind off all sts
  • >>Sew sleeves on, weave in ends.