I have reached the first milestone that makes me feel like a real business: I bought an ad! During the month of August, you'll be seeing my little animated .gif flashing around Craftster. As a former graphic designer and total art snob, I HATE animated .gifs. Just thinking about it brings to mind images of email forwards from nerdy relatives that contain big eyed blinking puppy dogs or web pages with those god awful rotating traffic barricades indicating that the page is still under construction. ...But with no animation, how on earth would I fit all the things I want to show people into just ONE 125 pixel square? Never happen. I gave in, and now I am making a blinky thing that shows a bunch of yarns and then my logo.

Spinning has really made me fully realize how I hate having a day job with the fiery burning passion of a thousand hells. It takes up far too much of my valuable crafting time. I noticed that in the above paragraph, for the first time ever, I put the word "former" in front of "graphic designer" when describing myself. I have clearly spiralled so far into the yarn universe that I consider myself a professional. I wish I could afford to do this full time.