Behold, my Ashford Traveller:

I got the wheel last week and I am positively obsessed. How obsessed, you ask? So obsessed that I have actually neglected to crack open Harry Potter and the Halfblood Prince since its arrival yesterday. Previously, Harry Potter topped my obsession list, but not this week. This week, I spin. I've got the hang of the thing, I have some new yarns to add to the store today, and I finally made my copycat version of Colinette Point Five and it is in the kitchen awaiting a dye job.

Speaking of stuff to add to the store, the yarn pictured below sold while I was showing it off at the Woolie Ewe to one of the owners before I even had a chance to officially put it up for sale! I am endlessly flattered that Jill loves my yarns, and I think I'll make this one available by custom order over in the store. It's a brown felted grapevine with actual grapes! Well, plastic ones; the kind your grandparents used to have on the dinner table. It comes with a smaller skein of green yarn that can be used to knit matching leaves. Incidentally, this is the first yarn set I spun entirely on the new wheel. Check it out: