I got this idea from the Woolie Ewe. One of the most popular projects this summer has been "Susan's Movie Shawl" which is a big cotton rectangle designed to keep you from being chilly in movie theaters. I took it one step further because I get restless watching movies and I need something to knit DURING them. So this is my simple rectangular project that I will knit during trips to the movies. (I can do garter and stockinette without looking, in case you're wondering.)

Also, I am obsessed with color arrangements and rainbows. Whenever I stock yarn at the shop, I always put it in ROY G. BIV order. I got the gumption to finally start this project the other day when I saw a TRIPLE rainbow. You know how sometimes when a rainbow is really bright, it reflects on itself and has a mirror image running beside it? I saw one with a reflection of the reflection, so there were 3 of them side by side. My crappy camera phone refused to get a good picture though :(

Movie Shawl movies/tv so far:

Light Pink: Evan Almighty, Transformers
Hot Pink: Big Love, 2 episodes of Big Brother 8
Red: Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix, The Simpsons
Orange: Bee Movie
Yellow: Spiderman 3 (or as much of it as I could stand before I left the room and took a nap. JEEZ what a terrible movie.)