1 set US #8 needles
1 ball Gedifra Top Soft

7sts/inch, 7 rows/inch in p1, k1 rib
Finished size: 8" across, 4" tall

All rows of the main body are worked in p1, k1 rib. This will be your repeated stitch throughout this entire section of pattern. Do all increasing, decreasing, and binding off in pattern. FYI, this pattern is knit side to side, not top to bottom.

MAIN PART: (make 1)
CO 13 sts
Row 1: p1, k1 rib across
Rows 2 and 3: CO 2, rib
Rows 4 - 13: Rib
Row 14: BO2, rib
Row 15: Rib
Row 16: BO4, rib
Row 17: BO2, rib
Row 18: BO2, rib
Row 19: Rib
Row 20: CO2, rib
Row 21: Rib
Row 22: CO4, rib
Row 23: CO2, rib
Row 24: CO2, rib
Row 25 - 35: Rib
Row 36: BO2, rib
Row 37: BO2, rib
Row 38: BO all sts in pattern

RUFFLE: (make 2)
CO 135 sts
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: k3tog (Just like a k2tog but grab 3 stitches at a time. Be careful, it might take some care)
Row 3: Knit
Row 4: BO all sts

CO 9 sts
Work in k1, p1 rib for 22 rows
BO all sts in pattern.

Sew one ruffle around each side of eye piece.
Wrap nose piece around center section and sew together.
Cut a length of elastic big enough to fit snuggly around your head and sew to each edge.