1 ball Lana Gato Prestige, 100% cashmere
US #6 needle
Coordinating buttons

CO 72 sts
4 rows reverse stockinette
(3 rows stockinette, 5 rows reverse stockinette) 3 times
3 rows stockinette
4 rows reverse stockinette
Bind off LOOSELY

To place buttons, wrap it around your neck and mark the point where it overlaps. Sew buttons in place, and make buttonhole loops using either a 2 stitch i-cord or crochet chain. (i used a ch 4 length, yours may be different depending on the size of your button.)

*This yarn may seem outrageous, but it's totally worth the $28 a ball. You'll thank me for recommending it after you feel how soft and comfortable it is. Plus, there will be enough yarn left after this project to make a matching flower embellishment or something like that.