1 skein Mountain Colors cashmere
Size G or H crochet hook to obtain gauge
1 US 35 knitting needle
1 US 17 knitting needle
Broomstick lace tutorial can be found here

Size: 6" around (unstretched), 6" tall

Row 1: Ch 35, pull up 36 loops onto size 35 knitting needle. Make 6 clumps with 6 loops each
Row 2: Pull up 36 loops onto size 17 knitting needle. Make 12 clumps with 3 loops each

Repeat these rows 3 more times and seam by joining most recent row with the original chain row, leaving a hole for your thumb.
(For larger sizes, do not seam yet. Either buy a 2nd ball and continue adding rows, or make a "wide seam" by connecting the 2 ends with a series of corset-style chain stitches.)

Divide leftover yarn in half and make an sc border. I chose to add 5 rows to the top, but it could easily be split for the top and bottom.