Hey guys, sorry about my recent absence. Since there isn't much knitting to tell you about, I'll tell you about the dog instead. We named her Bindi because the spot on her forehead mimics the placement of a bindi jewel, though everyone who asks her name says "Oh, like the Crocodile Hunter's daughter! Bindi the Jungle Girl!" I've just started smiling and saying "Yep!" She's a 15-18 month old Staffordshire terrier mix, and we adopted her from a local shelter. We suspect she's lived with a family before because she was already housetrained and is very well behaved. She's dying to meet the cats, but they're still a little suspicious of this new creature in their house. She's calm and affectionate (which is exactly what we wanted in a dog) but has shown some signs of dog aggression (which is kind of scary) so right now I'm limiting her exposure until after my appointment with a behaviorist at the SPCA on Tuesday.

The main reason I'm not knitting or blogging is because my computer and crafts are both upstairs, and the dog has been confined to downstairs until now. (We were not allowed to bathe her until her spay incision healed, and she smelled really bad. We only wanted her to be able to stink up the bottom half the house instead of the whole thing.) We boarded her this weekend for our trip to Austin (company Xmas party) and they are giving her a bath Monday morning before we pick her up. Hooray! I think I'm going to knit her a little triangle-bandana tonight so she'll have something to wear until I can decide what dog sweater I should make her.

Here's a bunch of pictures of her at my Flickr account.