Yesterday + Today = These 3 skeins and 2 dyed rovings:



It was a long hard road, but I have finally perfected the art of dyeing roving without felting it. Most of the standard methods are too much hassle for me, such as the plastic-wrap-and-a-steamer method. (Are you @#$%&!ing kidding me? This method involves covering your entire work area with plastic wrap like Dexter Morgan, painting the dye on, wrapping up the rovings in plastic and rolling them into leaky jelly rolls, and steaming them in a pot. Then you take them out and find that all the colors have bled together and everything is mushy brown, including your granite countertops that the dye leaked on. No thank you.)

I heard about the magic of dyeing braided roving and I am totally hooked. It takes a little longer for the dye to soak all the way through to the inside part, but it makes for very interesting color patterns. I plan to start selling roving in the store very soon now that I'm armed with this awesome new skill.