I haven't been doing a whole lot of knitting this week, but I have been a stitch-marker-makin' fool. The new Cat Bordhi sock book New Pathways for Sock Knitters came out, and in order to work the patterns in the book, you need stitch markers with the letters A through H on them. The Skacel company is supposed to be manufacturing them, except they aren't... yet. We called to try to get information, but they have no price info and no delivery date. At this rate I doubt they'll be ready in time for the holidays.

But I digress. This actually makes me very happy, because I've been making (and selling) lots of Gritty Knits brand alphabet stitch markers with relatively no competition. I have 2 kinds of frosted-plastic ones and square bead + faux-pearl ones (shown below). For a while they were selling out at the 'Ewe faster than I could make them so I had none left to put in my online shop, but I have caught up and will hopefully have these uploaded by tonight. They're up! Check out the store.