I've been carding at... LUDICROUS SPEED!

In an effort to ramp up my spinning fiber section, I've been whipping up some crazy (pronounced kuh-RAY-zeh) batts, chock full of every fiber I own. Wool, locks, flax, hemp, silk, bamboo, corn fiber, angelina & metallic stuff, even cut up strands of other yarn. Most of the batts I had for sale previously were pretty boring by comparison, so hopefully this will give spinners something to get excited about buying. I've also been trying to make large batches of the same colorway (9 ounces of each, so far) so that someone could spin up a nice, big project if they wanted to:



I'm really trying to keep this whole "productive" phase going for as long as I can. Not only am I spinning and carding every day, I'm doing all sorts of housewifey stuff like keeping the sink empty of dirty dishes and vacuuming on a regular basis. (I know--WEIRD. It's like invasion of the Natasha-snatchers.)

Next on my list of crafts to try is vegan soap-making. I bought a couple different bars from independent sellers on Etsy and I really like them, so of course I've got to try it myself. I found a basic recipe that uses olive oil & coconut oil, I knitted up some little mini-washcloths out of organic nettle yarn and I'm going to embed them in the soap bars as a built-in scrubber. I'm also thinking about putting some four-leaf clovers inside the bars just to make them cuter. I'll probably test out the first batch on family & friends to see what they think, but if I become a talented soapstress, I may eventually want to sell my washcloth + soap sets over in the "handknit items" section.