Yesterday's swatching turned up two failures and one success. I had some ideas for a traveling cable that turned out to be the most unremarkable thing ever knitted so I didn't bother completing it, but my second experiment came out okay. I've got a ball of Lacey Lamb cobweb-lace yarn that I've been wanting to combine with some handspun to create a shawl or scarf of some kind. Along the lines of a scribble scarf, but with large blobs instead of individual lines. I'm carrying the thin yarn through every stitch, but only grabbing the handspun in certain sections, leaving spiderweb-style fabric connecting them. It took lots of wrangling and wrestling to keep everything untangled. I may go ahead and cast on for a full shawl this weekend (and I will take notes as I go, since I think the idea is rather publish-worthy). Here's a photo of the general idea: