Thankfully, no bad news to report from Hurricane Ike. We were without power for only about 12 hours and there was no damage to the house other than a couple of loose fence boards. Uprooted trees and torn up rooftops are all over the neighborhood, but our little subdivision is intact. The house did a lot more shaking than I would have liked... I still feel like if I push too hard on a wall, it will be the last straw that causes the whole building to collapse.

The recording that plays when you call UPS says they will not be resuming Houston-area deliveries today, so there's no telling when I'll get my spinning wheel. I realize I am lucky that being without my package is the worst of my concerns at a time like this, but dammit, I am impatient! I thought I was being responsible by thinking about my purchase for a few days before buying it, but in reality I should have bought the thing the minute I decided I wanted it, and it would have been here before the hurricane.

The grocery store by our house is back open with no long lines, so I was able to replenish my vinegar supply and get some dyeing done: