Even though I couldn’t hack it in the full-time graphic design employment world*, I really love handling all my own artwork for Gritty Knits. Today I’m having a vinyl banner printed to hang at my Fiber Christmas in July booth. I think I’ll be squished way in the back, so if you need help finding me, look for this sign:


* I’m good at design, but very bad at office politics and professionalism. That’s why the only client I will ever be able to please is myself. Here’s every design job I ever had, in a nutshell:
Client: “(Request for ugly design filled with clip art, out of focus photos, & five different  headlines all on one page)”
Me: “That’s hideous, and you are dumb. I will make the design my way instead.”
Client: “Um, yeah. You’re fired.”

How about some new hand dyed 60% merino/40% bamboo tops to cheer us up after that painful trip down memory lane?