Crochet Today is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated magazines for its awesome selection of stuff, but why on Earth do they pick such lame projects for their cover? I love the shoe-flower decorations, the granny square pillows, and the circle tank top. The doily-on-the-wall idea makes my inner artist smile. But then they went and put a zig-zag afghan on the cover. (Dear God, deliver us from Red Heart. I can smell the moth balls from here.) Perhaps there was a mix-up; this project was supposed to go on the cover of Crochet Yesterday magazine. I suppose the argument could be made that afghans appeal to everyone and they will therefore sell more copies by having a broad appeal on the cover. BAH! If you're the type to pick up a magazine and say "Oooo, a zig-zag afghan! This looks like the magazine for me!" you will inevitably be disappointed when you look inside and see that there are no crocheted air-freshener-covering doll skirts or TP cozies.

...I just realized that I am currently knitting a zig zag afghan. Please kill me. (How did I not manage to remember that BEFORE I went on that rant up there?)

Louisa Harding will be appearing at the Woolie Ewe this Saturday, June 9th, from 10am-4pm. The event will be free, meet & greet, book signing and informal garment modeling. Come by and say hi! (I can't believe I put that as the second item in my blog post, but I really do love to complain.)

I finally finished my mock cabled Debbie Bliss sweater. Just in time for the Texas heat to reach 92 degrees today. Everyone at the store liked it, but I can't stand modeling it for more than 10 seconds at a time because it is very, very warm. I must say I am very proud of the job I did sewing the zipper in. I would upload pictures, but Adam is video gaming on the picture-getting-computer.

In other news, my oldest friend Angela found out she is HAVING A BOY! She's due in late October, which gives me plenty of time to knit gender-appropriate items in addition to the stuff I've already made.