Since it’s 3:30am and I can’t sleep, I though I’d show you guys a picture of my newly-organized fiber room. I got some gridwall panels with 12” pegs and hung up all the fiber that was previously stored in plastic bins & drawers. My skeins of sock yarn and dyed top can now flow freely in the breeze air conditioning. Even the carded batts hang nicely with a peg speared through the middle of the roll.

I am considering participating in a couple of fiber festivals next year (DFW Fiber Fest in Dallas or Kid ‘n’ Ewe near San Antonio). In order to do that, I need something more professional looking than plastic bins to display all the merchandise I plan to bring. And since my “stock room” (spare bedroom) shelves were bursting at the seams, this seemed like a good excuse for the gridwall purchase.

Seeing it all on display like this makes me want to have a brick and mortar store so other people can come in and marvel with me. Houston has several yarn stores, but we really need a good spinning fiber shop in this neck of the woods. The closest one is near Galveston, I think.

One afternoon while daydreaming, I even looked up the cost of retail properties around here. As suspected, they’re still way out of my league. I’d have to quadruple my current monthly sales before I could afford it.

Note to self: figure out how to quadruple monthly sales.