How did I make it 9 days into May without announcing on my blog that I am starting up a FIBER CLUB?! Gah!! I need an electric collar that zaps me every time I say or think "Oh, I'll do that later." Bad blogger!

Anyway... oh hey, I didn't see you there. Did I tell you guys that I'm starting up a monthly fiber club? No? Well I am! We've got three clubs to pick from: merino batts, novelty batts, and merino top braids. Each club has 3 tiers, depending on your budget and how much fiber you'd like to receive each month. Shipping is included in the price. Just buy the subscription here in the store, Paypal charges you automatically on the first of every month, and you can cancel at any time. Easy-Peasy-Japanesey!


The first signer-uppers get a free El Cheapo project bag (of their choosing) with their first month's shipment! Originally I was only going to send them to the first one in each club, but I may just break down and give one to everybody who joins by May 31. Because I'm just so happy to have club members! Yay club! Rah rah rah!