Lexi Boeger’s handspun yarn exhibition opens today at Galleri Zink in Lillehammer, Norway. Pictures are beginning to surface online. Here is a thread on Ravelry and weblog photos, courtesy of Blogspinner. If only I had a teleportation device; Houston is so very far from Lillehammer.


I awoke this morning (okay fine, afternoon) to find a message from Lexi telling me that one of my yarns will be shown separately at the show! Whoo hoo! It’s a tailspun yarn made with natural gray Lincoln locks, and I am kicking myself for not having taken a photo of that yarn separately. She says the gallery wants everything for sale, which makes me feel like such a “real” artist. I don’t even care about the money, but the bragging rights are priceless.

In other Lexi news, the long-anticipated Majacraft Aura spinning wheel is officially on the market. The art-yarn community has been whispering about it for months now, and after the unveiling at last weekend’s Maryland Sheep & Wool festival, we are finally allowed to shout it from the rooftops. Here’s a blog post by St. Seraphina Fiber Arts with more details.


The near-$1,000 price tag is the only thing stopping me from running out and buying one immediately. Even though I love my Mach 1, I may have to sell it to put toward the Aura. (Anyone in the Houston area want to buy a Spinolution Mach-1 from me? Email natasha@grittyknits.com)