There are several new colors of NOM in the shop, including the first batch of self-stripes. Shown above (L-R) are: Agony, Slate Blue, Renaissance, Black Cherry stripe, Blue Note stripe, and OMG Double Rainbow stripe. Black Cherry and Blue Note both have long, mirrored repeats that lend themselves to knitting two identical socks at a time, pulling from both ends of the ball. OMG Double Rainbow balls each have 14 repeats of the rainbow shown in the picture. (This was a seriously mammoth skein – I’ve got some pictures that I will share in a future blog post.)

Also, the Nom sock club memberships are now available. You can choose to receive a ball every month or every-other month. And don’t forget—sign up by May 31 and get DOUBLE YARN in June! You can choose between 2 semi-solid balls, 2 multi-colored balls, or one of each. (And as always, there’s no commitment. You can take advantage of the two-for-one offer and then cancel, guilt-free.)

nomofthemonth     nomofeveryothermonth

p.s. visit the NOM page on Ravelry to add it your stash and rate it!