Oh man. I have really been dreading having to write this blog. Though I’d prefer to beat around the bush for a while longer, I’ll just come out and say it. (Er… type it.) I have to raise my prices.

Here’s why:

Three times over the past couple years, I’ve gotten letters from my main fiber suppliers explaining that the price lists were changing due to the rising costs of raw materials, and three times I did the math and decided that I could afford to eat the difference and keep my retail prices the same. “You’ll still make money because the lower you keep your prices, the more they can afford to buy!” said the little voice in my head. Then when the post office changed the base rate for Priority Mail to a more expensive, tiered system, I kept my shipping the same and decided I could afford to lose a dollar or two per order on that too.

Well, yesterday the email came with the dreaded fourth price increase, and WOW… It’s bad enough that I finally have to adjust the prices on Gritty Knits to reflect my new sky-high costs. I’m going to keep them as low as I can afford to, and continue to offer bulk discounts on certain fibers. There will be an extra $1 added to shipping charges but it will still be flat rate, no matter how huge your order is. (As always, those with teeny-tiny orders can still contact me directly for a custom invoice.)

New prices will go into effect May 1, and will be limited to mostly the ecru fibers/combed tops. Fiber of the month clubs will also see a change, but existing members will be grandfathered-in with their current rates for as long as they stay.

Prices will remain the same for angelina and yarn.