I will be going to the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting show in New York after all. After being crestfallen that roundtrip tickets to New York were pricing out at $1400, my fabulous husband offered me his miles and got me the ticket for free, plus a $5 fee of some sort. Quite a bargain, I'd say! The whole trip will cost me no more than the price of a cab to and from the airport. No hotel necessary, since I foolishly plan to fly out early in the morning, and fly home in the evening. (I wonder if I will have time to squeeze in one of those silly Sex & the City bus tours...)

Another good friend recently found out she is pregnant (Congratulations, Angela!) so I will have to come up with a slew of new patterns for baby items. After I get over this cold, of course. (My second one of the year already. Keep 'em coming, perhaps 'most colds per year' can be my ticket to a Guiness record.)