Gritty Knits bumper stickers are finally here! The funny part about calling them “bumper” stickers is that if they actually end up on a car bumper, you’ll need a telescope to see my logo. But that’s part of the plan. I figure their main purpose is to advertise your love for knitting, and the website part is more subliminal. I already put one on my laptop, one will go on the car when Adam get’s home, and I’m searching around the house for more things to put them on. Maybe I’ll stick one on the cat.

These are available in the shop with free shipping, I’ll be sending one to each of my fiber/yarn of the month club members, and they’ll be at my booths for DFW Fiber Fest and Yellow Rose Fiber Producers Fiesta.



Here’s more news you can use: many of the colors of Angelina that I thought were gone forever have come back in stock. They arrived a few weeks ago, but due to a “computer glitch” (shhh, that’s secret code for “I don’t know how to use my software properly”) they weren’t showing up in the store. I’ve fixed it, and they are now available.

These include the 6 blindingly-bright electric colors, turquoise, marcasite, onyx, lapis, and copper metallic.