Normally I hoard all my dyed fleece for use in batt making and yarn spinning. (“I need ALL TEH FIBURZ!”) But I realized the other day that my stash is finally big enough that I could really afford to let some of it go. So today and through the rest of the week, I’ll be adding lots of uncarded wool locks to the store.


Pictured above is a gorgeous Shetland x BFL fleece, SUPER CLEAN and full of cute little curls. It’s too pretty to sit on my shelf any longer.

Below is some Wensleydale fleece listed at sale prices (almost zero-markup because there’s vm throughout). I like to spin straight from the lock, so if it’s not 100% clean I can’t use it. Hopefully some fiberista out there with the patience to comb through it will give it a good home, because the wool itself is very nice and soft compared to the Wensleydale I’ve felt before.


Coming as soon as I can take pictures: Coopworth lamb, CVM, Romney, & Shetland