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I did something tonight I have never done before: I filled my bulky flyer past its capacity. I felt so stupid, yet so liberated. I was like Cosmo Kramer when he and the car salesman drove until they were out of gas. I filled it to its usual breaking point with yarn, and made a last minute decision to en-boucle-fy it by plying it with thread. Except I forgot that yarn magically blooms to larger than it's previous size when I ply it, so halfway through the skein, my flyer stopped sucking the yarn in. I had to spin a foot or two, stop the wheel, manually turn the bobbin, then spin again. It even overflowed out the sides by accident a few times and I had to squish it back toward the center. Behold:



Ladies & gentlemen, I have the best husband in the world. Our relationship was put to the test this week, and he passed with flying colors. Yes, folks, you heard it here, Adam was willing to be seen in public with me while I was wearing this hat:

That's a FIVE INCH POM-POM, people. Awww yeah.

You can find details of this and other FO's over in my recently updated WIP/FO section. There you'll find gems like this little doozy from my blooper reel:


Today I signed up for TKGA's Master Knitter 1 program. I'm putting my so called money where my mouth is. Rather than being in the top x percentile (like MENSA), you just have to meet the rigorous standards of the challenge (like Sasuke/Ninja Warrior. Go Bunpei!) After hearing Whitney talk about it at work, I figured this was slightly more do-able than my hair-brained scheme to achieve a Guinness World Record. Which I still plan to do... some day.

And what do I hope to gain from this experience? A pin and a certificate. And possibly also validation, but mostly I just want the pin.


Apparently Son of Stitch 'N Bitch is now available for sale. Keep your eyes peeled for my roll-up scarf patterns!

Hopefully we've already gotten the shipment at work so I can check it out tomorrow, I haven't even seen the book yet! The paranoid Murphy's Law abiding citizen inside me is just positive that my pattern was somehow omitted from the book and I will be forevermore perceived as a lunatic, akin to the girl on Saturday Night Live who makes the outrageous claims.

Son of Stitch 'N Bitch was released.
"Yeah I wrote a pattern in that book, so... I'm like a pubilshed author now, so..."
I don't see your pattern anywhere in the book.
"I wrote every book, so, um... I wrote the whole dictionary and, yeah...I made up the English language, and also the concept of publishing, so..."