Get it? Moustache? Because, by using all these scraps, I am bustin' MUH STASH? Uh, anyway, here is a great project to use up all the scraps you have that you can't bring yourself to throw away. The scarf is cast on long-ways, and framed by fringe with i-cord "dumbells" hanging from the end.

US #13 needle
Lots of yarn scraps

For smaller scarf: Cast on 80 sts, knit 10 rows. (Approximately 40" long before fringe)
For larger scarf: Cast on 110 sts, knit 15 rows. (approximately 60" long before fringe)

As you knit, randomly switch yarns after 1 or 2 rows. Double-up thinner yarns to match the approximate gauge of the thicker ones. These types of scarves look best when you use a variety of different textures.

For fringe dumbells, Make a 3" long 2-stitch or 3-stitch i-cord and leave a 20" tail. Fold in half and tie on at halfway point, so that one 10" half is regular fringe and the other 10" half has the dumbell hanging from it.

Here are the yarns I used for the black scarf:

Blue scarf: