2010 is going to be a good year for Gritty Knits. (While typing that, I accidentally wrote “god year”. Perhaps a Freudian slip foreshadowing of my reign over the fiber kingdom?) This year, I’ve decided to do something fun in the shop: a sale that never ends. I decided to call this event — wait for it — The Never Ending Sale. Each month, I will discount a different product (good stuff, not clearance stuff) somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% off my regular price (which is actually 25-30% off suggested retail price, because I try to give at least a small price break on ALL my fiber.) Since I’m a shameful 29 days late in posting the January blog announcement, I plan to keep the sale price active on this product through February (or until I run out of stock.)



For you art-yarn spinners, check out the newest addition to the GK fiber family: Hand-pulled roving. I married my hackle and the stork brought us these two bouncing baby balls, with more to come soon:

handpulledroving-graypurple handpulledroving-pinkish