A few years ago when I was first starting to get interested in spinning, I saw this one particular yarn that I really loved. I can't remember who spun it or what website I saw it on, but I remember that it was not for sale or I would have bought it in a heartbeat. Specifically there was one small section, maybe a couple inches worth, that had one color wrapped on top of another in a very interesting way. That yarn randomly pops into my head now and then, usually when I am spinning and *almost*, but not quite, accomplish that technique.

After a failed attempt last year with the Stained Glass yarn (although that skein was still awesome, just not what I meant to do), I finally figured it out. The light bulb went on over my head and I spun a giant skein of it night before last. It's a very time consuming process because it involved a lot of overtwisting to get the wraps on and then untwisting to get the coils out of the base yarn. Not to mention that in order to effectively untwist, it helps to be working with very short roving lengths, which meant wrangling 10 times as many strips as usual. Hard work but totally worth it in the end, I'd say.

The thought of selling this yarn makes me panicky, so I am definitely going to keep this one for myself. I still have lots of matching roving left, so I may make a pink skein to coordinate with it and give me a little more yardage.

p.s. I did a lot of picture taking and organizing last night. As soon as I get done setting the twist on a couple more skeins, I'll be updating the store with all the yarns I've been posting about this week. Look for a store update and mailing list email to come soon, hopefully by this weekend.