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Band meeting

Natasha? Present.

Here's a sneak peek of some items that will be in the store soon:

sticker  newpurse

Item 1: "I (yarn) HANDSPUN" vinyl stickers are being printed as we speak and will be for sale as soon as they mailman brings them to me. I will probably give one away free with purchases, but you will also be able to purchase additional stickers for cheap

Item 2: A less cheapo version of the El Cheapo bags are in the works. Two coordinating fabrics, embellished with handspun yarn and maybe some beads. It will also have a liner fabric and no exposed seams.

Evil twins

spinsI got a huge bunch of fiber the other day and made a giganto-skein that I'm not sure what to do with. I made half of it striped, the other half was all mixed up, then I plied them together. I don't have a picture of the finished product yet because it's drying, but I will soon. It totals 16+ ounces.

In the spirit of gigantism I bought my dog a giant tennis ball, but it's way too big to fit in her mouth so she can't pick it up. She just holds it in front of her and tries to rip the yellow fur off.


Just a quick post to show you the new stuff that went up in the store today:



My fiber-of-the-month club turned out to be slightly more successful than I had anticipated! that I had anticipated no one would sign up, but a few people did :) I just got done putting the packages together and they'll go in the mail first thing in the morning. Hooray for early delivery!

I only made one real bonehead mistake: I dyed exactly enough wool to send out to my club members, but I forgot to make extra for myself! It's my favorite colorway I've ever made, but it was really hard to get an accurate picture of it. It kept looking green or yellow, neither of which are really there.

Here's a sneak peek of some of this month's goodies: