My grand master plan is to approach the owners of the oh-so-fabulous yarn store where I work on Saturdays The Woolie Ewe and ask if they'd be interested in selling some of my yarns there. My back-up plan is to sell them all on this website, where I would get far fewer customers seeing my stuff, but on the other hand I'd get to keep 100% of the profits. I bought a whopping 7 pounds of wool roving, so depending on how much yarn profit I make, I might even be able to afford a wheel instead of this dinky little drop spindle. Not that I have anywhere to put it... on second thought maybe I should just get a slightly bigger/heavier spindle. The one I have now only holds 15 yards of bulky yarn at a time, meaning I have to give up after 15, or wind it onto something, make another 15 yarns, and then spin the ends together. Totally annoying.

1. 100 yards of my most recent and most novel yarn, complete with metal rings, sequins, & safety pins. This one will probably be up for sale eventually.
2. 15 yds, thick-thin banana split colors
3. 35ish yds
4. 15 yds, this is my failed attempt to copy the green Rowan Biggy Print
5. 200 yds, red tones. Also will likely be for sale.