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My self-designed Cashmerino sweater is SO close to being done. I cast on for the front panels last night and I bet I can get it done within the next couple weeks if I don't let myself get distracted. Progress so far:

I used this project as an excuse to learn how to work my knitting machine, only I am going to end up needing a full 3 balls more than the pattern called for, which doesn't make any sense. Regardless of the fact that it's machine knit and converted to flat instead of round, I was getting gauge, so I should have matched yardage. Boo on the possibility of having to use a different dye lot to make the back, Yay on the fact that this will be the awesomest sweater ever made when I get it done:

I am toying with this yarn called Solo (made by Online/Linie) and I brainstormed until I figured out how to make the fabric double-sided. Basically I knit across with color A, purled in the same direction with B, then turned and purled with A, then knit with B. Check it out:

And the post office finally decided to forward my mail from the old apartment, so I am now the proud owner of PUNK KNITS skull needles. Go buy some!

I feel so much more productive at the new apartment. Even though I haven't done much spinning, I've already knitted 3/4 of a baby blanket for Angela and 2 sleeves and half a back of my self-designed Debbie Bliss sweater. I predict I will be able to finish it within the month. I'm doubley excited because Jill asked me to teach a class on mock cables and I want to have it done by then so's I can wear it when I'm teaching.

Plus, I made curtains for every room, including these AWESOME Gritty Knits logo panels that now adorn the window in the office:

In other news, Adam and I have become re-interested in photography lately. I am especially intrigued by something called the "Through the Viewfinder" technique, using a combination of a new digital camera with an old Kodak Duaflex to produce vintage looking pictures. We don't have much around the apartment to photograph other than our cats, so I started playing around with yarn photos. Here are a couple examples, and I'm sure my future shots will be better once we invest in a good macro lens:

Also, I broke down and got a knitting machine, but NOT FOR KNITTING! I swear! I will not use it in place of hand knitting or crocheting. I just wanted a way to knit giant pieces of fabric for some wall panel art type things I have swimming around in my head. I even got Adam interested enough to swipe a few rows. Does this make me a traitor? Or a cheater?

Speaking of cheating, I bought some commercially spun sock yarn and dyed it. It will be up for sale soon in the store. I could never spin even enough or small enough to make socks from, so this is a happy medium. Hand painting is fun. It makes my apartment smell good.

One of the only things I dislike about the apartment is the small, non-rotating microwave. How am I supposed to dye giant vats of Kool-Aid if my vat won't fit through the door?