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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the starting lineup for the 2011 season of NOM yarn. Batting first is Sour Apple, followed by Sunny Days and Seasoning. In fourth position is the clean-up man Nude. Rounding out the team are Oil Change, Violette and Barbie. Opening day is April 1st; regular price tickets will be $28 at the gate, discounted to $22 for the month of April so we can start building a fan base. There will also be a few AAA team members in the discount bin such as Marina, Scarlet and I Hate Oranges on permanent discount for $18.



Finally, after a year of planning and a couple of false starts, the newest addition in the Gritty Knits yarn family will be available for sale at the beginning of next month. Nom is a fingering weight, kettle-dyed yarn made from a blend of 80% superwash merino wool, 10% cashmere, and 10% nylon. Each 105 gram hank contains a generous 460 yards. Nom is dyed by hand in small batches and bathed in Eucalan wool wash before being sent to the drying rack. This yarn is incredibly versatile; soft enough to wear around your neck, yet strong enough to be made into socks. Nom fans will also receive their choice of free pattern with purchase.

I just finished knitting my first pair of Nom socks and I’m sketching designs for a pair of gloves. I can’t wait to see what beautiful projects others make with it.

Mystery package

Oh boy, the mailman left me a package! I wonder what it could be!



I have absolutely no idea what could possibly be contained inside… although I am suspicious of the fact that it’s shaped like a human leg.



Surprise! It’s actually a human leg!


Uh oh, maybe the mob is trying to send me a message. (Or maybe I ordered it from Ebay to model my new sock pattern. But that’s much less exciting than my other theory.)


Sighhh… one of my angelina suppliers is no longer going to carry the color Sweetheart Red. They said it wasn’t a big seller.

Oh, Red, I feel like we should have had more time together! Think of all the batts you and I could have carded! What will I use when I want angelina that’s more copper than red, but more red than copper? Why must the good die young? So long, old pal. I will miss you dearly.


p.s. I bought all they had left. There’s plenty in the store right now but once those are gone, I won’t be able to restock.