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Happy New Year

This year at the Woolie Ewe's end-of-year sale, I only bought one bag of yarn!

...except that it was a garbage bag filled so far beyond capacity that it almost wouldn't close. How can you resist 50% off? Sale day was 9 solid hours of frantic yarn selling, so I rationalized that I deserved all that new yarn as a reward. And I believe we had our earliest customer ever this year--the line formed at 10pm the night before.

For Christmas, Adam got Rock Band for the xbox. I always thought I was a crummy singer, but this confirms it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I will leave the singing to professionals from now on, such as the Old 97s, whom we are seeing on new year's eve. Yay!


I signed my first autograph today! I feel silly even mentioning it, but I was totally flattered that someone asked me to sign their Son of Stitch 'N Bitch book.


Oh yeah, and also happy birthday, Hollie!