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Pants the Bunny
I'm trying to get a jump start on my Christmas gifts so I knitted through the wrist pain and finished a couple already. I made the kitty hat from Stitch'n'Bitch out of furry black Nordica yarn, the sheddiest thing on the planet. Not so much the fabric, but the pompoms. Every time you walk by it, you get black puffs on your clothing. Maybe I should run it through the washing machine before giving it away.

Also, I had planned to make a little coat on size 6 needles for my soon-to-be-niece, but seeing as how I despise small needles, my wrists hurt, and she'll outgrow it in a season anyway, I opted for mittens and a hat, with a little toy rabbit wearing a matching outfit. I modeled him after "Pants" the bunny from the July 24th entry on the Bunny-a-long blog. He's made from Trendsetter Zucca and stuffed with cotton balls.

And... *drum roll please* I think I will start spinning again this week! I want to have a less barren store in time for everyone to knit holiday gifts. I'll send out a mailing list email as soon as I get some stuff in there.
How do all the little old ladies who've been knitting their whole lives not get carpal tunnel syndrome, but I'm already getting it at 26? Sorry I'm so slow with the updates, guys; my wrists hurt really bad. I took a break from spinning for about a week, and then this week I've slowly started knitting my wedding bouquet flowers. I'll include lots of pictures and stuff when I get them done.