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Calling all hand spinners! In case you haven’t heard, Lexi Boeger/Pluckyfluff is building the world’s largest skein of handspun yarn, made from submissions sent to her from spinners all over the world. It will be displayed at Galleri Zink in Lillehammer, Norway along with an entire gallery’s worth of handspun art yarn.

If you’d like to participate, spin something (any fiber, any length, any style, any color) and send it to her by March 1, 2010. Here are a bunch of links that will help you out more than me rambling would:

The Handspun Revolution Ravelry group

Lexi’s blog

Submission flyer (PDF)

Since I am greedy, I have challenged myself to be the person who submits the most yarn for this project. I spun 2 things today, one of which was made from scrap fibers that I thought didn’t really match, and I spun it haphazardly since I didn’t have to worry about knitability, and wouldn’t you know the damn thing turned out so great that I don’t want to have to give it away. But I will anyway, of course. Here they are, top skein is 100% nylon, bottom skein is merino wool, bamboo, nylon, angelina, firestar & pulled silk:



2010 is going to be a good year for Gritty Knits. (While typing that, I accidentally wrote “god year”. Perhaps a Freudian slip foreshadowing of my reign over the fiber kingdom?) This year, I’ve decided to do something fun in the shop: a sale that never ends. I decided to call this event — wait for it — The Never Ending Sale. Each month, I will discount a different product (good stuff, not clearance stuff) somewhere in the neighborhood of 20% off my regular price (which is actually 25-30% off suggested retail price, because I try to give at least a small price break on ALL my fiber.) Since I’m a shameful 29 days late in posting the January blog announcement, I plan to keep the sale price active on this product through February (or until I run out of stock.)



For you art-yarn spinners, check out the newest addition to the GK fiber family: Hand-pulled roving. I married my hackle and the stork brought us these two bouncing baby balls, with more to come soon:

handpulledroving-graypurple handpulledroving-pinkish



I’m sending in some batts & dyed roving to Knittyspin’s Fiber Fiesta. I carded up this awesome new colorway that will be available for purchase after the review goes up (assuming they deem me review-worthy!) I have re-calculated the ratios of my “firecracker” batts, and in the future, they will be 1:1 wool:sparkle!! That means for every 1 ounce of wool, there will be a full ounce of sparkle fiber (firestar combined with angelina.) Check out this before-picture of my supplies and marvel at the obscene amounts of angelina used in these things: