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Swap skeins


The left & middle skeins are fibers carded from a Ravelry fiber swap box. The one on the right is a swap-batt from Moustache Rides. (I made too many tame yarns last month, now I'm rebelling back to wacky art-yarns.)

I'm not feeling very chatty lately.

Auld lang skein

I couldn't resist double-posting today to show off my first skeins of the new year. From left to right: 1. Core-spun from a blended batt of wool, hemp, angelina, recycled silk, bamboo, soy silk, some mystery fiber, and embellished with faux pearls, faux crystals, and shell fragments (my favorite of the three) 2. Wool & nylon blend coated in 4 neon-colored threads 3. Self-stripe single spun from random bits of fiber I received in a Ravelry swap. I have yet to set the twist in any of them though. I am very lazy.



manosdropstitchscarf I finished embellishing that purple scarf I made from silky Manos Del Uruguay. I got a bunch of random ribbons, lace, & fringe and sewed them all together willy-nilly. I like it, but I don't really have anywhere to wear it, so it will probably end up for sale once I take some better pictures. I have another ball of the exact same color which I am considering knitting again without all the frilly things on the end so it will be more of an everyday-scarf.