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I’m continuing the Never-Ending-Sale into 2012 (fitting, since it wouldn’t exactly be never-ending if I ended it…) and the first item on the block this year is BIG NOM! All colors will be 25% off throughout the month of January. I’m still dying as fast as I can, so check back mid-month for new colors.



Meet Big Nom, a super-soft, super-squishy, thicker version of our fingering weight Nom yarn. It’s got the same 80/10/10 merino/cashmere/nylon blend but can be knit with the speed of a much chunkier yarn. Big Nom is classified as an aran weight, and is extremely versatile. For hats, use a size 7 US needle and the fabric will hold its shape and not fall off your head in the wind. For  scarves or shawls, move up to a 10.5 US needle and you’ll get a nice, flowing fabric.

190 yards per 105 gram ball. $26 for semi-solid colors, $29 for self-stripe.


On a personal note, I am already addicted to this yarn. So far I have knitted 2 hats and a shrug, and I will soon be warping my loom for a woven scarf. There has been so much fingering weight action around here that I forgot how nice it is to be able to cast on a project and finish it in a single evening. Chunkiness = SPEED!

Star-crossed beret, with an extra set of cables for extra slouchiness on my giant head:


Simple ribbed hat for my husband:


I’ve got some awesome new yarns scheduled to be released next year, so I’ve decided to discontinue my Foot Fetish dk line to make room for the newcomers. (Honestly, it makes me a little sad because I LOVE this yarn.) But it’s good news for the customers, because all remaining stock is on SUPER DUPER CLEARANCE until it’s gone. HALF OFF!!! That means enough yarn to make a pair of socks for a mere $7-8, and the added bonus of finishing quicker because of its thicker-than-fingering size. (I usually ship within 24 hours, so it’s safe to assume US orders will make it in time for Christmas if you order by the ~16th.)



…and in case you missed it, check out SLINK, my new merino/silk lace weight:


Introducing SLINK

Due to a bad case of impatience, I refuse to wait until my December 1 update to introduce the first of two new yarns to the Gritty Knits line: Behold SLINK!


SLINK is an 18/2 lace weight made from 80% merino wool and 20% tussah silk. 930 yards (about 100 grams) per ball. (I know it’s a little late for last-minute Christmas gifts made from almost a thousand yards, but maybe if we all get started now, our shawls will be done in time for NEXT year’s holiday season.)

New yarn #2 will be coming in the next couple of weeks. Here’s a hint: Big nommmmm


Gritty Knits will have a booth at the Kid ‘n’ Ewe festival in Boerne this weekend! My booth is in the STAR building. Here’s all the details:

Kid ‘n’ Ewe
Kendall County Fairgrounds
1307 River Road, Boerne, TX
East on Highway 46 (River Road)

Friday Nov. 11: 12pm-6pm
Saturday Nov. 12: 9am-6pm
Sunday Nov 13: 9am-3pm

I don’t know if I will have internet access at the fairgrounds, but I will try to keep the shop’s inventory updated as much as possible as items sell out. All orders placed this weekend will ship out on Monday when I get home.

Spinning square



I wasn’t fast enough to include these in the October 1 update, but here they are: four new skeins of handspun, including a yarn spun from my FAVORITE. FLEECE. EVER. First-clip Teeswater lambs wool, combed by hand while still on the sheep and core-spun into a thinner-than-my-usual-size skein (weighing in at over 11 ounces!!) 

It was really hard to make the decision to part with it, but I keep reminding myself that I can’t keep every skein  or I’d never make any money. Seriously, I should be shopping around my tv-show idea, Fiber Hoarders. A therapist would show up to my house and be appalled at my massive amount of fiber piled up to the ceiling. I would stubbornly refuse to sell or donate anything. Perhaps my loved ones would stage an intervention telling me I was choosing the wool over my family and friends.

p.s. For some reason, last week’s update info didn’t post on Facebook properly, so if you’re looking for links to last week’s new items, check out 18 new skeins of handspun yarn, 5 new colors of NOM, and a few braids of dyed Wensleydale top


Introducing 5 new Autumn-themed colors of NOM just in time for the 20% off sale!! Pictured below from left to right: Auburn, Killian, Pumpkin Pie, Pear Cider and Fatigue.




And for the first time in a long time, tons of new handspun yarn! I gave my wrists a nice long rest and now it’s back to business. My stash of raw fleece has been building all summer, and the new yarns are mostly big, shaggy core-spuns made from uncarded locks.




And of course, we can’t forget to add a little something for the spinners. 4 colors of dyed Wensleydale combed top:


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